What’s It Really Like to be Architect

What does a usual year or month look like for them?

Day-to-day life at a reputable architecture company in Malaysia is busy and overwhelming. The usual month passes by coordinating many projects which are constantly in the works, from construction to design. Meetings with clients and authorities, and responding to everyone’s needs keep the professionals busy. They just manage their tasks well.

Good time management is a key component to success. One of the thing you would love about being an architect is the flexibility it provides. There are tons of work, but you are free to arrange your own schedule, from coordination of different project demands to responding to various design opportunities.

Also, day-to-day life in a firm is used in fostering good relationships with building officials, contractors, consultants, staff and clients.

How many architecture projects do architects take on, and how is the entire workload?

The workload varies a lot. The amount of workload is crucial, since depending on how heavy or light it is, it allows architects to take a break and spend time with their families.

What is the most difficult thing about becoming an architect?

The most difficult part is enduring the process of coordinating with people, events, instances and forces that want to marginalize the spirit and soul of design.

The best advice for future architects?

Architecture can take you to wonderful places. It is the most frustrating, challenging, rewarding, inspiring and galvanizing things you would ever do.

In order to be successful, you need to be passionate about improving other people’s lives. Do something better for your clients. With architecture, you don’t only build structures. You get to influence all branches of the society.

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