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Wedding Day Tips for Amazing Brides

Planning your own wedding can be time-consuming, stressful and overwhelming. Brides need to deal with various aspects in a rush, and sometimes, they even forget to focus on their own health.

Whether you are working with a wedding event planner in Malaysia, or is doing all the preparations on your own, your top priority should be enjoyment and relaxation. It’s your special day—surely, you deserve to cherish every moment of it.

Below are 5 practical techniques to help you enjoy your wedding celebration.

1. Glamour-ing up is not really difficult.

Put together a make-up kit days before the wedding celebration. Make sure to do a complete wedding look test. Of course, you would want to look like the most beautiful queen on that very special day. You should look and feel your best. On the wedding day itself, ask a bridesmaid or a family member to keep it somewhere handy. You need to be able to get hold of that just in case there’s a need to retouch. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara and face powder.

Quick tip?

When buying makeup, ask the sales person to give you different samples of everything you are planning to buy. You will be able to use this on your wedding day, and many months after it.

2. Prepare a wedding day emergency kit.

Prepare an emergency kit to address unexpected situations such as a makeup bag necessary for touch ups. You may come up with a bigger pack if you want, and consider it as your emergency kit. Fill it with different items you may need on the special day. It can include a sewing kit, nail polish, throat lozenges, stockings and some aspirin. Breath mints, tampons, hand creams and band aids can also be considered.

Quick tip?

Look for these emergency items at the local drug store. It is a one-stop shop for all of these useful things.

3. Food for Thought

Make sure to eat a lot before the wedding ceremony. Most brides and grooms wouldn’t be able to eat a lot during the reception, since they need to entertain the guests. Eat your favorite breakfast, and don’t worry about how the wedding dress fits. You would need to fuel up for the long day ahead. Tons of energy is crucial to keep you dancing, and socializing for many hours!

Quick tip?

It would be wise to include a power snack in your emergency bag.

4. If the Shoe Fits

Ultra-high heels will surely make a bride even more stunning. However, at some point in the reception, you would surely want to wear something more comfortable. Prepare a beautiful, more practical shoe and consider changing at the middle of the reception to give your feet a much-needed break.

Quick tip?

If you can, practice walking in your wedding shoes. This will make you feel more confident and attractive.

5. Point it Out to a “Point Person”

Monitor the flow of the event with the help of a point person. Whether you planned the wedding yourself, or hired a wedding planner’s services, you should consider having an itinerary on that special day. Produce several copies and hand them out to your closest loved ones. Select a point person. He or she will ensure that everything is running efficiently, and on time.