Web Design

Web Design 101: Working with Your Website Designer

Don’t overthink any details.

There should be a trust factor between the client and the designer. Remember that your web designer has a reason for picking a certain photo, layout, font color or font style for the web design. There’s no need to obsess over the smallest details. You hired them, you should trust them.

Eliminate all subjective opinions.

At the end of the day, you, together with your stakeholders are the primary decision makers of the project. You completely understand your website project’s goals. You need to focus on this goal, and leave all the useless opinions behind.

You need to play your part.

The web designer is responsible for the website’s overall function and look. However, you, as the client, should take care of all the content that will be read by the visitors. Quality can take some time, so plan all of these ahead.

Recognize your web designer’s expertise.

Website creation is no easy task. You have chosen to work with an experienced designer because you want to make things go smoothly. Make sure to establish trust with these people, in order to overcome all of the challenges and technical complexities.

Be prepared.

Designers are trained to be problem solvers, not efficient magicians. Their task is to develop a design that looks visually appealing and functional for your business. Yours, on the other hand, is to give them detailed project scopes so they can come up with effective solutions.

Collaborate and communicate.

Web designers and developers expect thorough feedbacks from their clients. Let them know what you think. Don’t ever go silent.