Limitations and Risks of Genetically Modified Crops and Food

The study of the socio-economic impact on Genetically Modified corn cultivation in the Philippines revealed that overall, the assurance of the safety of farmers’ food was lost after 10 years of planting the crop. The study also reported that in all areas of study, health problems were seen increasing since the introduction of Genetically Modified corn, along with severe allergic reactions to pesticides. Furthermore, GM corn has a side effect on the environment such as the emergence of a new pest Similar with poultry, death and the increased risk of diseases after eating Genetically Modified corn can be seen.

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) has issued reports based on 20 years of commercial experience in North America. They find Genetically Modified crops, trees and animals, to remain as a model of agriculture that has a serious and unsustainable environmental impact in the long run. Several reports indicate that Genetically Modified foods and crops may be toxic, allergenic, or have unwanted nutritional changes. The report also provides evidence of continuous conventional breeding across genetic engineering in the delivery of crops that produce good results, disease resistance, nutrition, and drought tolerance and other weather conditions.

However, Genetically Modified foods are not labeled in the United States and other countries where they are widely consumed and consumers are not monitored for health effects. In addition to that, several reports by the US Disease Control Center show that food-related illnesses increased from multiple times between the year of 1994 and 1997.  A study on the long-term effect of consuming Genetically Modified Crops and Food has been made in September 2012 and the result is disturbing. When tested on rats, genetically modified food cause them to develop horrifying tumours and other related diseases. 70%of the female population died prematurely and all of them suffered severe organ damage from consuming Genetically Modified Food.