Genetically Modified Crops & Food

Food safety is becoming increasingly important especially for food marketed or commercialised. This is because there are changes in the field of science that emphasise health, consumerism and food preparation as well as the growing need for international trade in food production.

With the increasing of the need for international food trade also has led entrepreneurs to further enhance the safety of food produced. Therefore, certain standards are created to be followed and implemented to ensure that the products produced are accepted internationally.

However, the development and the use of technology in today’s food production has been increasingly challenging the safety of food that has been consumed, as technology in food production has grown so rapidly that it has not been completed yet. Moreover, studies related to food and health typically require a fairly long period of time to reveal the results.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is a biotechnology technique used to manipulate genetic organisms such as animals and plants to produce useful products to humans. The GMO organisms are manipulated through genetic engineering technology by transferring gene segments from one organism to another organism. Genetically Modified Food (GMF) is a food product such as genetically modified meat, chicken and vegetables. For example, a tomato has been genetically modified to last longer in winter than normal tomatoes and tomatoes have been given permission to be grown and commercialised in the United States for the last 24 years.

Meanwhile, since Genetically Modified Crops (GMC) were introduced in the United States since the 90s, it has been widely commercialised until today and a few example of the GMC is corn, cotton, apple, potato and many more. The result of this genetically modified crops is able to pollute the original crops and eliminate the natural biodiversity of natural seeds indirectly. In fact, it is harmful to ecosystems, natural living, environment, health and moral values. It is likely that we will only be aware of the impact of Genetically Modified’s pollution and danger and have been too late to take precautionary measures only after a bad incident has occurred especially on human health. This is because until now genetically modified crops that are produced are not in safety test against consumers. It is not even labeled in the local market.

It is still a controversial question because many people are questioning the safety of crops and food products produced through this technique.