Casino Games Compared: Which Is Most Profitable?

My underlying gambling systems (horse dashing)

I created dashing horse systems before roulette systems. However, I, in the end, changed to roulette once I saw more noteworthy potential in roulette.

Try not to misunderstand me, since horse hustling can be truly gainful in spite of the fact that benefitting today is significantly more work than it used to be, on the grounds that you are essentially contending with different punters. In the event that steed hustling interests you, my recommendation is center around VALUE wagers.

This is the thing that my systems did. Any wager you cause must to be founded on hazard versus compensate. For instance, for the most part, you don’t back a steed with a payout like 2:1, in light of the fact that this specific pony might be “soaked” with wagers, and the payout may not be beneficial for the hazard.

For instance, maybe a TV moderator said the pony is probably going to win, and individuals observing all raced to wager on the steed. The payout may have begun at 10:1; however, after every one of the wagers, the payout got 2:1.

In any case, in all actuality, maybe the steed was similarly prone to win as five different ponies in the race. What’s more, maybe every one of these other five steeds has payouts of 10:1.

So, for what reason would you hazard betting on the pony with a 2:1 payout? In spite of the
fact that I have done well with horse dashing, it turned out to be more work than it was worth.

As it is presently, the steed hustling industry is immersed with “esteem bettors” who apply a similar guideline. So now, it’s at the point where you need a great deal of additional data and research to figure out which steed is the best worth wager.

My casino systems

While as yet creating steed dashing systems, I created the best live casino gambling systems.

Despite the fact that I was generally keen on roulette, I was not restricted to a specific game.
After a lot of misfortunes, I finished up the accompanying:

Slot machines

No realized method to beat them, with the exception of conning gadgets. One of which is
known as the “light wand.”

It is essentially a little light you stick into the payout slot to dazzle the component that checks coins. So, when a machine is paying out, it truly doesn’t have the foggiest idea when to stop.

Yet, this is profoundly unlawful and now old innovation at any rate (no longer powerful). There has been another innovation that should impact slot machines with radiation and in one way or another, power a payout. My involvement in these is they have no genuine establishment and don’t work by any means.


Edge could be acquired from card tallying. Nearly everybody knows this. Be that as it may, mix
machines and changed methodology made tallying cards progressively troublesome.

It was not until numerous years after the fact that I created anything explicit to beat blackjack.
The most recent innovation is clarified at, which is the CCSA (card checking and mix investigation PC).

It does as the name proposes – it recognized examples from ineffectively structured mix
machines and checked cards simultaneously. Significantly more as of late is innovation I’ve
created to see-through cards.

There are really a couple of methods for doing this, and the innovation I have works very well.
However, the issues at this stage are the gear should be made littler, and that it can take 30
seconds to get a reasonable enough picture of a card. This isn’t sufficiently snappy.

I haven’t yet built up this innovation further on the grounds that my private groups center around the crossover roulette PC (, which would already be able to accomplish a colossal edge. Other than the “x-beam” innovation (no, it doesn’t really utilize x-beams, it utilizes surrounding radiation), the CCSA PC can accomplish an edge of up to 10% in uncommon conditions.

In any case, in most present-day casinos, the edge is around 2%. This may not appear a lot, yet remember the run of the mill edge against roulette players is simply – 2.7%, and it wins casinos a fortune.

The enormous wheel

Pretty much every casino has these, yet they are called various things in various casinos. It’s
only a major wheel like the “wheel of fortune.”

There are approaches to beat it, yet there are too FEW factors that really CAUSE unsurprising
examples, yet they are tedious to decide.

Still, however, any player can invest much more energy concentrating a game than casinos or gaming hardware designers, so they are probably going to become familiar with it and find ways that game results can be anticipated. For my situation, I’ve been creating approaches to beat casinos for around 20 years.


Roulette has innumerable factors, and more factors imply there is more prominent potential to reveal designs that casinos won’t think about. In any case, my first systems were the ordinary “bend over” after misfortunes, looking for streaks and the same.

Exactly when I thought I had found a working framework; I’d become familiar with a hard exercise with a major misfortune. It took me numerous years to quit looking at the table, and start concentrating on what occurs in the driver’s seat.

While I don’t know unequivocally, it took me around 8 to 10 years to create whatever really worked. So, in reality, I burned through a great deal of time.

This was, for the most part, since I needed something straightforward and “mechanical” with no mystery. I needed to place my wagers after a couple of spins of readiness and exit with thousands.

In the long run, I “got over” my determination and concentrated more on what I knew worked, which was applying material science to foresee where the ball will arrive. Ten years prior, I thought I knew everything.

Presently I realize that in those days, I generally knew nothing. Furthermore, today, I know not to say, I “know everything.” I am as yet adapting new things about foreseeing spins. Maybe the learning will never stop.