7 Tips for a Successful App

Since the smartphone’s inception, mobile apps have come a long way. Back in the day, those mobile programs are not optimized enough and either you run out of battery quickly or you run the risk of phones getting too hot.

However, that is not the case now. There are just so many apps that if you can name one, there is probably something for you on the app store.

Now, if you could launch an amazing app, you could get rich. But, how exactly do you become an app developer? I will give you some tips in today’s article.

How Many Functions?

If you’re going to create an app from scratch, you must first think about what the core functions are. Do you just want an application that does only one thing, but is it great? Or, do you want to include multiple functionalities and make it an all-in-one product?

Consider Android

Although Apple was the one who pioneered the smartphone business, consider creating apps for the Android platform as well. You see, Android has become the more dominant mobile operating system as it took 51% of the market share just this year.

If you want to start making some for Apple, then try expanding to the Android platform later so that you will have more coverage.

Don’t Forget to Market It

Part of what makes an app stand out is the marketing campaign. I remember a few years back where the popular game, Clash of Clans, placed an advert in the Super Bowl. After that, the player count grows and grows and it’s become popular ever since.

Developing an app and distributing it is a business and for it to flourish, you need to market it effectively.

Impose a Tracking Utility

To let you know what functions the people frequently use on your app, you need to have a tracking utility built-in.

Of course, you have to be upfront to the consumers about it, but reassure them that you are only taking the statistics and nothing else.

  • Think of Features that People Would Want

Do you know why Social Media Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are popular? That is because they’ve introduced something that makes people want to use it.

It allows people to upload their photos and they can use a variety of filters to make it more amazing.

If you could think out of the box and include some features that you think people would want to use, then be sure to do that.

  • Start Small

Now, everyone is vying to get that top spot when it comes to App popularity and that could be your end goal. However, if you’re still starting out, consider thinking about the small market first.

  • Consider Reasonable Pricing

If you feel that your application is so good, then you can put a price on it. You just have to remember these two things:

  1. Your product has to be reasonably priced
  2. Your product has to deliver

Also, you could look into releasing your app for free and one way you could monetize it is by including some in-app purchases. That is a lucrative payment model as well.


Creating a popular app may not be easy. But, if you have a grand idea and if you can bring that to life, then be sure to do so.