7 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better

Truth be told, interior designers really do not follow any secrets. They are, by nature, quite creative and they use their creative minds to come up with suitable solutions, especially when it comes to home makeovers.

Today, I am going to be talking about some key decorating tips that will make any room look so much better.

Choose the Paint Color Last

A lot of people would often ask which paint color to use on their walls and I would advise them to think about it last. You see, your furniture will serve as your guide to know exactly which color you should go for.

Since not all furniture is the same, think about how it will affect your overall color scheme. Since it is going to be your guide, look at the colors of your furniture to find a common theme.

Then, think about how your wall color will accentuate your chosen furniture. Yes, that’s right, it is the paint color’s job to accentuate the colors of your chosen stuff.

Do Not Overcrowd a Certain Space

You may have gone to your favorite flea market to buy some stuff that you can use in your house, but the problem is that you might have purchased one too many.

A lot of people actually buy more things than they should- thinking that more is better.
But if you are thinking of beautifying your home, less is more.

Always give ample space to your furniture so that it will be much easier for you to traverse anywhere inside your house, while also making sure that everything doesn’t look way too cluttered.

Hang Your Paintings at Eye Level

A general rule of thumb that you should follow regarding your paintings is that the main object of your artwork should be seen at eye level. If you want to know exact measurements, measure 57-60 inches from the floor.

Do Not Follow a Theme by the Book

A theme should only serve as a guide and should not be followed to the tee. Instead, you can pick apart certain elements and add new things on your own to make it somewhat unique.

Set Aside a Focal Point

If there is one room where you want to showcase just one thing- may it be your expensive artwork or furniture- then make sure to set aside a room specifically for that.

Just like the main cast in a movie along with their supporting cast, the main piece should be the main focus and you must make it a point for that to happen. Perhaps using subtle wall colors and furniture that surround your art piece is a nice place to start.

Fit the Right Pieces

When shopping for things that you can put in your home, make sure to account for size differences as the lighting may make the item seem smaller or bigger than they actually are.

Add Subtle Lighting

Most modern homes typically use an overhead lighting source to light up their entire place, but if you want to add more drama, you can use lighting fixtures to help accentuate the look of your house.