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5 Different Conditions that Might Put Your Libido into Overdrive

A lot of people are taking various libido-boosting supplements to help them improve their sex life, but there are also those that are afflicted by certain conditions that may put their libido into overdrive.

In this article, I will go over each of these conditions and tell you what you can do about it.

What is an Overactive Sex Drive?

People instantly assume that having an overactive sex drive is pretty cool, but having such is actually not a good thing. That is because it is associated with many different symptoms that you wouldn’t classify as good. Some of them include:

  • Intense sexual urges that can only be quelled with sexual intercourse. The main
    problem is that people can have sex with others that have sexually-transmitted
    diseases or STDs
  • People with overactive sex drives tend to deem sex as a means of escape and
    not a form of pleasure
  • It is also associated with risky sexual behaviors as a means to get accepted in

Conditions that Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Now that you know that an overactive sex drive is not something that you would want,
what conditions can bring this to anyone or help exacerbate the issue? Here are some:

1. Rabies

A 28-year old woman reported that she had an overactive sex drive. She died a few days after and doctors have revealed that rabies was actually the culprit that affected her brain, ramping up her hypersexuality.
If you have been bitten by an animal, it is best that you go seek medical attention immediately to ensure that you do not get rabies.

2. Bipolar Disorder

This psychological condition is characterized by extreme shifts in mood: Mania and Depression. The former is defined by more positive moods and the latter is characterized by feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Hypersexuality falls into the former category and if you happen to have bipolar disorder, consult with your doctor about how you can have this treated.

3. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

This is a rather rare neurobehavioral condition and some symptoms of it include putting
unusual items in your mouth, as well as exhibiting inappropriate sexual behavior, among

If you are afflicted with this condition, there is still no know treatment plan that will help cure this.

However, there are certain therapies that can help curb the negative effects of
this condition.

4. Dementia

People who suffer from dementia (this means that it affects both men and women) are known to sometimes exhibit sexually-inappropriate behaviors.

Although there are certain medications that can help curb its negative effects, its documented results are not that promising.

Still, caregivers can reassure people who are affected by this condition that they will do whatever is necessary (and appropriate) to ensure that they do not exhibit such rude behaviors, especially in public.

5. Sexual Addiction

Men and women who constantly thinks about sex and actually doing it, often with multiple partners, are known to experience sexual addiction.

This condition has been so severe that the American Psychological Association wants to add sexual addiction as a psychological condition in the next version of the DSM.

That being said, this condition is highly-treatable and you can enroll in a lot of different programs that can help you get through with this.

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