5 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Your Event Planner Before Hiring Her

1. “Will you take care of the event all by yourself, or would you work with a big team
of assistants?”

Top event planners in Malaysia have many assistants that help them manage every occasion. The answer to this question will also depend on how big your event is. Onsite, a planner can be pulled in several directions for all types of issues, big or small. In some instances, the event planner will take care of the most important aspects, and leave the rest to assistants.

2. “Can you give me a list of references, and a portfolio of your previous events?”

Each planner can show you an event planning portfolio upon request. If the potential event planner is just starting out, she may not have that much to show you. Just check whatever reference they give you, in order for you to have a glimpse of that professional’s routine.

3. “What kinds of events do you organize?”

Not all kinds of events are made equal. If you are hosting a family reunion, it’s not right to hire an event planner who has worked on purely with corporate events. Knowing what the event planner has worked on before would give you a much better insight into their knowledge and qualifications.

4. “Who is my main contact person for the event?”

For smaller event management companies, you typically work with the individual you are meeting with. However, for bigger firms, you can be assigned to someone else once you sign the contract.

5. “What are the other services included in the fee? Will I get additional costs in the long run?”

This question is not really an issue, since many event planners are very upfront about the costs of their services. However, sometimes, some services are not really included in that cost. Discuss the services and fees thoroughly with them. You wouldn’t want to deal with surprise fees later on.