Affiliate Marketing

4 Possible Reasons Why Bloggers and Influencers Are Avoiding Your Affiliate Program

There are usually two moving parts in the affiliate marketing machine. One is the
advertiser or the merchant that actually sells products and the other one is the affiliate
or the publisher that will do their very best to promote it.

Merchants will try to entice affiliates by creating affiliate programs. These are essentially
a sort of agreement between the two parties that typically stipulates what products need
to be promoted, the affiliate links, the payment and commission model, among many
other things.

Seeing that influencer marketing is on the rise and content creators getting more
creative, companies nowadays pretty much have every reason to get their services.
However, despite having an affiliate program, not all bloggers or influencers will sign up
on them. You think to yourself, “why would anyone turn down the possibility of some
quick cash?”

Well, in this article, I will cite possible reasons why certain would-be affiliates turn down
or will outright avoid your affiliate program.

Hard Requirements

There are some company owners that really do not know how to deal with affiliates and
influencers. Remember, your possible affiliates are people too. The beauty of the
concept of affiliate marketing is that you can earn some money on the side while doing
something else, that is why there are some people that are willing to become some
company’s marketer in exchange for some commissions.

However, there are some companies that are not making it easy for their affiliates. For
instance, they do not provide the main content that they should be concerned about,
they do not provide any materials, and they certainly do not give them any incentive at
all (other than gaining commissions).

Sure, you might give them a good 15%-20% as commissions but it will not be enjoyed if
your requirements are just too hard and too steep for them to comply.

No Attribution

In everything that you do online, you should always use something that will help you
track and measure your progress. That is basically what attribution is. It is a tool or a set
of tools that act as your performance analytics that will help guide your affiliates to the
right path.

For instance, influencers might not know if they are really making progress if you do not
have such tools to help them measure their current progress.

Sure, they might do it on their own, but you also have to take responsibility and do the
attribution yourself. Help your affiliates help you.

The Program is Not Rewarding Enough

The main reason why influencers, bloggers, and other content creators want to be
affiliates in the first place is so that they will get compensated for the amount of work
that they put in.

However, there are some companies that just do not pay them well. In fact, there are
some that do not pay them at all! Do not destroy your company’s reputation by doing

Make sure that when you are creating your affiliate program that you stipulate how they
are going to be compensated. Make your payment and commission models as clear as possible.

Typically, your affiliates will be given commissions off of every sale that is made using
your special affiliate links. This is the pay-per-sale model and it is the standard in
affiliate marketing today.

Of course, you can experiment with other payment models if you desire, so long as at
the end of the day, your affiliates are well-compensated for their efforts.

Getting Affiliates that Are Beyond Your Reputation

There is a reason why there are some companies that look only for promising affiliates
and not celebrity influencers and that is by way of reputation.

You see, celebrities choose what companies they want to promote wisely because just
accepting everything that comes their way might tarnish their reputation within the community.

Therefore, if you are a relatively small company, you can go for those influencers and
content creators that are already well-known in the industry, but your success in getting
these affiliates will really depend on whether or not they are going to get you as their
partner company or not.