Web Design

2019 Website Feature Checklist

Email Marketing

Email marketing will still be a thing this 2019. It is an effective and reliable strategy, so expect it to be around in the forthcoming years. A website email capture forms must sync well with the marketing system for the client for a seamless access.

Social Media

Website owners must always leverage on the power of social media. Don’t forget to integrate your social media platforms within the design of your website. This allows people to quickly access your socials, thereby broadening your brand’s reach.

Strong Security

This is one of the most important aspects of your website. Each page must be secure, and safe from cyberattack. Never ever compromise website security. Implement the necessary privacy protocols, like basic security checks.

Fast Loading

No users would wait long minutes for a web page to load. See to it that your web pages load fast even on smaller mobile devices. Responsive website design is key to this. To check this, you can use reliable platforms such as Pagespeed and Pingdom.

Mobile Ready

We all love browsing the internet through our smartphones and other devices. Leverage on this new way of life. Build mobile-friendly, responsive designs that people can access anywhere, anytime they want.

Tracking Enabled

Analytics are not difficult data that will just waste your time. They present important information that can help you improve your website. What adjustments should you enforce? Look into key indicators like goals, traffic and conversions.

SEO Savvy

Never underestimate the power of website optimization. So, how can you address SEO? First, develop engaging, readable content for all of your followers. Then, put relevant SEO elements and tags, such as XML sitemaps and schema. You’ll have more time to improve your SEo strategy as time progresses.